A group of people with shared values and vision come together to create a community. This is HaNefesh. We are a group of people with the shared values of creating an open and safe Jewish community where all can come, explore and express their Judaism without fear of unwarranted criticism or rebuke. We created this community out of a need for an open and affirming space where each individual matters and all are welcome. It is with this in mind that, as we enter our second month and prepare for a new year, we share a brit, a covenant, expressing just these values. We are grateful to other Jewish Emergent communities, especially, Romemu (www.romemu.org) who helped inspire us to create such a brit. 

HaNefesh Brit – A Covenant for a Safe, Open and Respectful Jewish Community for All

We believe in the sanctity of our HaNefesh community. We are collaborative and inclusive and we invite those who participate in HaNefesh to join this brit, this covenant of communal inclusion. 

We are participating in an intentional relationship, one in which each of us make a conscious choice to be engaged in the HaNefesh community.

As part of this community, we respect OURSELVES and EACH OTHER. Each of us agrees to act in ways that honor the physical, emotional, and spiritual safety of all people in and during HaNefesh functions and events. We honor the actions of being vulnerable and honest by each individual. 

Each of us takes risks in our Jewish exploration and these engagements must be respected by all. Even at times of offering feedback, each person in HaNefesh agrees to do so through honest and polite conversation about our strengths and our opportunities for growth. 

Each of us in HaNefesh agrees to offer our time, talent and treasure to sustain our community. We are partners and stakeholders in this community. This is an exciting opportunity for all to be a part of building and maintaining the health of HaNefesh.

Current Malachei HaNefesh Supporters:
(Angels of HaNefesh)

Brad Horwitz

Our Newest Ruach HaNefesh Supporters:

Susan Jasper

Amy Pilon

Rhea Dorn

Jess McBrayer

Scott Singer

Mark & Stacey Nagel

This Week’s Supporters

Alan and Joy Shebroe


Mark & Flossie Friedman
Susan Scheffler & Steve Friedman
Norwin Katzen

Randie & Larry Noell
Stephen & Fran Sherman