Music brings people together and our Songs of Gratitude event was successful in bringing HaNefesh together to celebrate four years of doing and living Jewish. Thanks to everyone who joined us on Friday, HaNefesh Shabbat services with Sue Horowitz and then Saturday’s concert, Songs of Gratitude. 

The event was everything we hoped it would be and more. The best part of the evening was watching Scott’s face. There was not a moment when he was not smiling from ear to ear. 

Thank you to everyone for making it a success! We gave Scott the tribute book many of you contributed to and are excited to share it with you. Click here to view the book. 

Thank you for helping us reach our goal of raising $20,000+! Mike and Mary Balmages took us over the top when they purchased the wine-tasting auction item. AND, they gifted it back to HaNefesh so that anyone interested in a unique wine-tasting in-person experience can enjoy it! If you are interested, please visit the auction website

The most successful part of the weekend was celebrating what we all have created with HaNefesh. We are proud of the journey we have taken in the past four years and excited about what we get to do in the years to come. 

In the months ahead, Alden Solovy will join us for four sessions as we prepare for the High Holy Days. Thanks to a grant from the Jewish Federation of Orange County, we will engage in unique social justice learning and activities. And as always, we look forward to creating programs and moments that inspire you. Let us know what you think or want to see and together, we can do and create anything. 

May you always be inspired by the music that is in your soul and may you always know how grateful we are that we are a part of each other’s lives.