Remember one year old celebrations? We might remember them from pictures of when we turned one or when we celebrated our own children turning one. There was a party that was definitely more for the parents and family since the child would not remember it. There was cake the child was encouraged to dive into with their hands and if they were uncertain, parents or other relatives were more than happy to show them what to do. The party hats, decorations, acknowledgment of the first cycle around the sun, all celebrating the tremendous growth of this little being.

Today, January 18, is the first birthday of Kfir Bibas who is still a hostage in 

Gaza. 104 days, he and over 130 others, held captive in a prison they were kidnapped to on October 7. There will be no party, no birthday cake, no photos of him diving into that birthday cake with family and friends surrounding him with love and bestowing blessings for the next many years of his life.

The painful part is that we are not sure as to his condition or the condition of the other hostages or if they are even alive.

The world cries out for Israel to restrain itself and yet the world remains silent against Hamas, not calling for them to return the Hostages. Israel did not ask for this war. In 104 days it seems the reason why this all started has been lost; because Hamas brutally attacked, murdered and kidnapped Israelis in the most heinous terrorist attack ever witnessed.

War is brutal and painful and until Kfir, Ariel, Shiri, and all the hostages are freed and reunited with those who love them, we cannot forget or let the world forget that spears and swords cannot be turned into plowshares and pruning hooks just yet.

We are faced with city councils, state governments and even on the floor of the Senate, motions for Israel to stand down. Where are the motions calling out Hamas and its backers as terrorists and the perpetrators for the pain inflicted on Israel and the world? Where are the motions calling on the International Red Cross to be more persistent in visiting the hostages? Yes, medicine was finally allowed in and hopefully, after 104 days it is not too little too late.

Today, Kfir turns one year old. There is no party, no cake, no pictures that will be shared when he is older. And we still pray that there will be opportunities for pictures and celebrations for him and the other hostages someday. And we pray, Am Yisrael Chai, that the people of Israel, there and all over the world, shall live.