Passover is z’man cheiruteinu, the time of our freedom. We love this holiday and all that we get to do with it. From the mass amount of cooking, which if the Israelites cooked like we do for Passover today, we would still be living in Egypt; to the gathering together as family and friends. We sing, ‘If only we were freed from Egypt, it would have been enough, Dayeinu!’ If only we were given Torah, Dayeinu!’ ‘If only we were given Shabbat, Dayeinu!’ So many, if only’s. 

Preparing for Passover is not just about cooking the meal and cleaning our homes, it also includes thinking about our seder and expressing our creative side. There are several different types of Haggadot we can use. From the traditional UPB 1920s Haggadah to Maxwell House, to Haggadot based on the themes of Harry Potter, The Golden Girls, and even Schitt’s Creek! There are song parodies, many of which we will hear on Monday night during our HaNefesh Seder ( “Hey, Jews,” “Goodbye Mitzrayim,” “Pharaoh Pharaoh,” and more. Musical groups like the Maccabeats and Six13 write a new song each year and we pass them around on Facebook for all to enjoy. And then there are the numerous readings we add to our family Haggadah, speaking to the events of the time. 

This year, we hold on to the pain that is still fresh from October 7 with 133 hostages from 25 different countries who are still in Gaza, and the pain being experienced by all. Beth Schafer wrote, “Rescue Me” ( inspired by the Amidah, psalm 142, and a prayer written by Rabbi Karyn Kedar. 

Whatever mood you are looking to set on Monday, Tuesday, or any night of Passover, know that there is something new to experience. Don’t be afraid of doing something wrong, you won’t. Get creative in how you celebrate and remember this time of our freedom. And may it be a joyous time for all of us.