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HaNefesh is proud to celebrate our second year and move into year three with more programming, more opportunities to be a part of life’s moments, more chances to study and grow together and be a part of the Jewish community throughout the country and world! How do we do it? With you!

Let’s complete this challenge together! There are 200 envelopes numbered 1-200. Claim one or more envelopes and that will be the amount you would like to donate to HaNefesh to help us continue to do what we love to do as a community. There is an amount for every person. Just like HaNefesh, this is an accessible way for everyone to support our community.

  1. How to participate:
    Click here to visit the challenge page
  2. Pick your envelope. After you choose an envelope, you will be taken to the “Cart” page. Want to add more envelopes? Click “Back to Envelopes” and add as many as you like that gets you to the number you love! And if you pick an amount of envelopes that total $180 or more, you will be entered into a raffle for a $100 gift certificate to Las Brisas in Laguna Beach! 
  3. Check out. You have two choices, you can either use PayPal or your MyWell account. If you choose MyWell, you will need to go into your MyWell account and make your payment there. Please choose “Envelope Challenge” from the fund list.
    Share the challenge with other family and friends! Forward this email or share the social media posts you will see on Facebook and Instagram! 

If all 200 envelopes are claimed we can raise $20,000!

Let’s claim all 200 envelopes and help our HaNefesh community continue to support one another throughout life events, learning and growing together! 

Please join us in thanking

Brad Horwitz and the Horwitz Family Foundation

for sponsoring our startup costs for this challenge.
Due to their generous support,
all proceeds from the Envelope Challenge support HaNefesh!