This is our 8th issue of the HaNefesh and Jew By You Newsletters. It’s awesome to see how far we’ve come in the past two months. We have celebrated Shabbat, enjoyed Torah study, and sang out during Havdalah. We have mourned with the Fidel family and wish Mazal Tov to Ferne Michaelson and Ron Glassman on their wedding! There have been numerous Adult learning opportunities, from Lunch and Learn to Pirkei Avot, Text Messages and Psalms Enchanted Evenings. Miriam’s Circle and Achim HaNefesh are already planning and holding events! We have begun enrollment for our youth programs for grades 3-5 and a 6/7/grade cohort.  We have youth participating in Hang Outs with Rabbi Heidi and Jodi where we’ve played Jewish Taboo and had a scavenger hunt tour of Israel. We are preparing for the High Holy Days and are excited about how we will begin a new year together. But this does not happen with only a few; it takes a community!

HaNefesh and Jew By You is an inclusive community in which we all have a voice and the opportunity to create, play and support together. We want to invite you to get involved in helping create opportunities for our community. If you are interested in being a part of the FUN Raising Team or help brainstorm on our FunD Raising Team; or maybe you want to be part of a We Can Teach team and lead or learn to lead Torah study or teach another class that you are passionate about; or you want to be part of a We Care Team to reach out to everyone in our community, because who can’t use a phone call from a friendly voice just to say, “hi!”?

HaNefesh and Jew By You is OUR community and we are excited to have you help us connect and support one another. 

Feel free to email Rabbi HeidiJodi Kaufman or give us a call, 714-699-4827.